The Audi A5 is a well-built German coupe that really has become a great seller for Audi, and with the car having been on the market since 2007 it really is starting to become a viable option on the used market.  With the excellent build quality that is to be expected from a German manufacturer, and many models coming with a very nice level of trim, it is certainly a model that is worth considering.  The front end of the A5 is quite typical of the Audi models over recent years, but with sleek lines and nice alloy wheels this is an attractive car that is stylish rather than brash.

One of the biggest attractions of the A5 is that it does come with a good range of engines, with both the petrol and the diesel engines offering good performance balanced with reasonable fuel efficiency.  Those looking for cars on the used market will often find that the 1.8 litre petrol engine and the 2.0 litre diesel engines are the most common, mainly because of their frugality, with the diesel achieving over 60mpg.  The 2.0 litre petrol engine has better performance, but does take a hit in the efficiency, but the larger diesel engines offer impressive performance and great fuel efficiency together.

Buying a used Audi is something that can still prove to be quite exclusive, as these cars do hold their value very well, and even the entry level models from 2007 are likely to cost over £13,000 at the moment.  However, the other side of the coin with these Audis is that they do have a long lifespan and the diesels especially can cover a very high mileage.  This means that resale values for those who do buy a second hand Audi A5 are likely to remain quite competitive, which means that a high quality A5 can actually prove to be a good investment.

Many people who are considering buying an A5 will look to do so through an authorised Audi dealer, and it is fair to say that a used A5 with a full dealer service history is likely to be significantly more expensive than one without that history bought privately.  It can depend on the geographic location you find yourself in too, for example car sales Wales may be different in terms of the deals they have to sales in Scotland. Even if you do choose to purchase your A5 privately, it is certainly worth having a full mechanical check carried out before parting with your money, and carrying out a HPI check to make sure there is no lending outstanding on the car.