The Audi A5 is a coupe which is simply breathtaking. Styled by Walter da Silva, who already has a few sexy motors under his belt, the A5 is a distinguished creation – a combination of boldness and beauty.
Audi A5 Car Review
The Audi A5 is a refined big coupe with some sparkling engines - and the drive largely lives up to the promise of its looks.
The build quality is superb and the car manages to combine the sporty stance of a coupe with just about enough space for four and a decent sized boot.
The A5 is as classy as all the other Audis. Step inside and you can’t help noticing the distinct whiff of high class – this is a car that feels genuinely expensive to the touch.
The Audi A5 is designed as a high-speed long-distance cruiser – a modern GT if you will.
Overall the A5 is very much a classic Audi – beautifully built and sensibly priced against its rivals. If you like Audis then you’ll like the A5, but if another German model is your normal choice, this is unlikely to change your allegiance.
Audi describe the A5 as a four-seater coupe, but that really depends on who the quartet are. The rear seats are a bit cramped for tall adults, but the main drawback is the inelegant struggle to get in and out of the back. In its defence though, there is a big boot and folding rear seats.
Power is provided by turbocharged, direct injection 1.8 or 2.0 and 3.2-litre petrol engines and a 2.7 V6 and 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesels that give great flexibility whether in town or on the open road. All the engines offer great performance. Even the slowest version, the 1.8 TFSI, gets to 60mph in less than 8.5 seconds, but for the ultimate in effortless pace the diesels can’t be beaten.
The tyres give tremendous grip allowing corners to be taken with aplomb while the suspension easily copes with the humps and hollows that pass for roads these days.
If you favour a more laid back driving style then the Audi A5 is the car for you. It is tremendously comfortable for the driver, with plenty of adjustment for the driving position. The layout makes you feel immediately at home, which coupled with A5’s aversion to letting noise into the cabin makes it a very pleasant place to spend time.
As far as running costs are concerned, the diesels are the choice with surprisingly good fuel economy averaging at 40mpg. This is very impressive given how quickly these engines can get the big coupe going.
Life Style
It’s certainly not a cheap car but the A5 looks good value. There’s no shortage of kit on any model and with the kind of class and quality on offer here, the price-tag is a good one.
The Audi A5 is reasonably friendly to the environment if you stick to the smaller petrol model or the diesel. The 1.8 petrol’s emissions of 169g/km of carbon dioxide are very impressive.
If you want to impress your friends the A5 has killer looks especially if you opt for the LED running lights stripped across the base of the headlamps. It also has a presence on the road without equal.
That said, it is a design which is colour sensitive. In darker colours the A5 looks outstanding but in lighter finishes – such as silver – some of the cut lines lose their emphasis.
The cabin has some elegant wooden trims and colour hides available along with the more traditional black and metallic interiors which have become an Audi trademark.
The instrument panel is a blend of conventional and modern with dials complemented by electronic readouts while the A5 also features Audi’s multimedia interface – a multi function control suite for the satellite navigation, communications and entertainment systems.
Although controlled via a rotary knob and push buttons it is more straightforward to use than some other similar systems.
Security and Safety
The Audi A5 has everything buyers of an expensive, quick coupe would want in terms of airbags, seatbelts, stability controls and anti-lock brakes, plus a plethora of security systems to deter car thieves.
The Finishing Touches
You won’t want for luxuries in the Audi A5, but there’s plenty more you can add to personalise the car as well. Leather, a concert sound system compatible with MP3 players, climate control, light and rain sensors and xenon headlights are standard.